LTC entitlement of fresh recruits: CGDA Clarification

Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi cantt- 10
Dated: 12/02/2013
All CsDA/PsDA/I (Through CGDA Mail server)

Subject: LTC entitlement of fresh recruits.

This is regarding admissibility of All India LTC to fresh recruits, where the HQr’s and Home town happens to be same.

2. In terms of Para 4 of DoP&T O.M.No. 31011/4/2008-Estt (A) dated 23.9.2008 - a fresh recruits have been allowed to travel to their home town along with their families on three occasions in and to any place in India on the fourth occasion in a block of four years reckoned from the initial date of joining Govt. service for the first time”.

3. A reference has been received from one of the Controller office regarding admissibility of All India LTC to fresh recruits at anytime during the four year block.

3. The matter was referred to MoD(F) to take up the matter with DoP&T who have since clarified that - ’Fresh recruits would be entitled to All India LTC only in the fourth occasion i.e in the fourth year of a Block irrespective of whether their home town and HQrs are same or different . Thus they cannot avail All India LTC at random.

4. All Controllers are advised to regulate the claims accordingly.

(Chitra Mahendran)



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