Thursday, January 31, 2013

Images of CEC Meeting 2013, Bhubaneshwar | 1:27 PM |
Images of CEC Meeting 2013, Bhubaneshwar

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  1. what about budgetary provision since 1998, 5th.CPC and 5th CPC as roughly estimated for all 33 lakhs central govt.employees is amounted Rs.17,00,000 crores upto July,2014 having left UNMENTIONED owing the CURTAILMENT 4 CL/year out of 12 CL/year. for details the CHAIRMAN,7th.CPC or recognised S.Assn.viz.,CAT-III,EMPLOYEES' ASSN.O/o.The P.A.G.(A & E), WB, 2, Govt. Place (West), TREASURY BUILDINGS,Kolkata-700001 or email id of the Office Council Member/NCM/JCM viz.,